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We don't just supply abrasives, we use them too.  In our test labs and production facilities we use the products we provide, and know first hand the advantages our materials can bring to any project.

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Excellent material for blasting outdoors with a bulk pot, and mildly recyclable for cabinet and room use.  Used in many industries with a wide variety of applications, also used for waterjet cutting.  Our premium garnet is not mixed with inferior sands or fillers and holds up in the toughest applications.

Glass Bead

Excellent abrasive characteristics and recyclable in a cabinet, used in nearly all industries for surface preparation and metal cleaning.

Aluminum Oxide

Essentially the gold standard of abrasives, excellent cutting ability and long-lasting in a recycling system.

Coated Abrasives

Sandpaper discs, belts, wheels, etc.  Our brand of coated abrasives can compete with the household names in the market.

Soft Shot

Our specialty steel shot combines the peening capability of steel shot with a softer vickers hardness to avoid impacting part dimensions.

White Fused Aluminum Oxide

Coming Soon

Variety of shapes and sizes of plastic vibratory finishing media/rocks.

Vibratory Finishing Media/Rocks

Our proprietary plastic media is among the best out there and can provide a wide variety of finishing solutions.

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